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Jesus Christ was always here for you!
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Some, dealing with the many customs and traditions of ancient cultures say that Jesus as a man with at least one woman was married, and carry this on the 'Wedding Feast at Cana ", where Jesus turns water into wine have. Why?

Because at that time, the bridegroom traditionally the things about the wine regulated what Jesus on the mainland did so, that he is in fact the bridegroom. This thesis that in this region, there described in the culture and custom of the time it was that the groom about the wine is not decided by me, but widespread.

The Mormons supposed to take this legitimacy of polygamy, even further, that Jesus had a number of women, which was quite possible, and thus increases the likelihood that he also children in the world continued. The possibility also exists that there are descendants of Jesus himself.












Zian (aktuell)




Königreich Gottes





Even if it offspring of his siblings, of which there were more like enough, it means that at least a certain degree of affinity of a few living today can exist. This would make many of the 'appointed to' explain if it is assumed that the child Jesus also a part of his personality is inherited. Keeping in mind but to the saying of Jesus: "I am with you all the days", the latter phrase in Beszug on the above theory are actually more like only a theory, especially sense.Finally, the question arises whether the offspring of Jesus in our day and age a constructive part for the benefit of mankind can supply. At the very least, the dangers that most governments are not legitimate, could be limited by creating a powerful instance, the organization and prosperity for all. If you are interested in the, as a descendant of Jesus today Responsive show might look simple in Erloesungs Network pure, where some of these theories and hypotheses to find.

The Zodiac Junfgrau-a formula for the Savior, Jesus himself established.

One finds this picture of the star character in an atlas, each in larger libraries probably accessible.On demand, I also like the publisher. Perhaps I exaggerate a little, but exactly what is the Holy Virgin Mary that! (What course is only a theory), because this issue is' only 'with geography, mathematics and logic treated entirely without religious prejudice, etc., because where you can find something else, where people prefer only' Lord, Mr 'say instead of the requirements of the times? Now to the statement:

The geographical aspect:
Set in the head (right) places, where Jesus after his crucifixion look lies, then you can sign as a star of this formula. Emmaus for Stern (eye) 1, on the way to Galilee [Galilee (of Hebrew galil circle), is a large area in the north of Israel ,...], 2 and 3, then at the Lake of Tiberias star 4, and star 6 Bethany (again an eye).

From there, it is now - according to the formula. It was then that in a (non known each) pyramid, which for 2000 years reigning king is nothing unusual, Stern 7 to 12 It is defined by the mountains and clean blow Meteo (Nördlinger Ries) in their focus. Star 8 is the focal point of this pyramid and is located east of the star 7th Listen to the word 'east', then maybe this will be in connection with the three kings to the newborn child proved their respect. Reads one that is the first chapter of the Gospels, you can easily stars and the places it on the new 'deliberate' card define, because the distance and the angle exactly the same relative (as mentioned here).

The special fact, that the district, based on Hebrew Galilee (of Hebrew galil circle) to the county, after the Nördlinger Ries, also Heidenheim. . They are located in a district, south of Jerusalem could then theoretically exist, as in the 'old' Israel and Judea. This is also where rudimentary been implemented, namely through jer U sa L M e, Ulm.

The Author.
The Author (me).

One can also recognize that the phrase: 'I will be a new Jerusalem / Temple built in the sky' has materialized. Now you look at what other issues were to adopt it: The fish are the spiritual leaders.When power: first, Jesus and John (2 fish), the sandwiches are the 'agents', or any disciples as a bread. Reads one in the last Gospel, knowing that it is at the Lake of Tiberias + to 153 fish a fish auf'm Grill, and the disciples (as bread). If now exactly as you found out the geographical aspect, is forced measured following account:

1 (the year 0 does not exist) plus 154 fish (153 +1) times 13 loaves (the disciples total) is 2003.

But to the birth year to receive must be 30 years old, is the birth year of the greatest of all Grand 1973. It is a unit of space and time for this region, what you learn from this. The day of 30, which corresponds to the next. That is my birth date, the 30th August 1973. August 1973. Shortly So again the bill mathematically: 1+(154*13)-30=1973 1 + (154 * 13) -30 = 1973 This is real, and could prevent unnecessary suffering, as well as a minimum standard for all. One could, of course, be otherwise expected, almost to the infinite, but not the meaning of this is.


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Diese Seiten des Erloesungs-Networks beschäftigt sich unter anderem mit der Frage der Endzeit, der damals angesagten Wiedergeburt und der damit verbundenen wirkliche Erloesung anhand des realen Messias, der von Jesus mittels Erlöeserformel genau vorhergesagt wurde. Somit handelt es sich hierbei
weitgehend lediglich um Theorien & Thesen, was der Horizonterweiterung dient. Ähnlichkeiten zu Persönlichkeiten etc. sind rein zufällig, da ein wirklicher Zusammenhang nicht besteht, womit aber auch keine Verantwortung zum allgemeinen Niedergang des Planeten übernommen wird. Es wird darauf verwiesen, dass der Autor sich als politisch unabhängig & weitgehend neutral erklärt, und diese Seite gegen niemanden gerichtet ist. Da die Inhalte kostenlos dargeboten werden, erklärt es sich von allein, dass es sich hierbei um eine unkommerzielle Seite handelt.

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