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The Messiah

The question, if the messiah could come from Germany.

That the real messiah will be acepted fro everyone and everywhere, is not sure. But more important are the solutions of the messiah. Will he acept other people with other thoughts? Can he be a super-man or must he be a typical common man with a normal intelligence?
Well I think, that the messiah is a typical man, common to others, but with one special difference:
- He is born in a special region,
- He is born in a special time,
- The stars will show these places, (read Matthäus 24: „The stars will fall from heaven“)
- The stars will also show the way to count the birthage.
To help to find out the solution is now the constellation (star-sign) of the virgin. Think, where Jesus shows hisself, when he was awaken . First he was seen in a village west of Jerusalem, then on the way to Gallilea (german translation of Gallilea is Heidenheim), then at the lake Tiberias, at last in a other village east of Jerusalem, bevor he monted to 'heaven'.

Fill in the places the numbers and count it. You will come to a natural pyramid in the south of germany. In the center of this imagined pyramid you find a round ground the 'Nördlinger Ries' of a hugh meteor. West of the ground is a region which is called 'Heidenheim' the german word for Gallilea.

The pyramid of the greatest Pharao?

Well I am born in this region, and my written thoughts are not new, even not only from me (I think so). It is important to now, that I wont make any money with this knowlege, and I even wont have any power from anyone. The only thing is, to make the people free from religios slavery.

Peace and good bye:

greetings, Alexander Kloos.










Now some german thoughts:

Die Themen:

Wie würde der Übergang aussehen?

Wer käme für den Messias in Frage?

Wie würde der Übergang aussehen?

Eine Lösung.

Alexander Kloos


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