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Version for the year 2007

The Erloeser - a hope is reality.

The asterisk Virgin - a formula to the Saviour, which delivered Jesus.

Erloeser.org represents a tendency to unite different religions is, in order to then abolish it as released. But unofficial members work, as from buildings and writings appear clearly, from the Judentum, which Islam and the Christianity, whereby their boss, who understands itself erloser.org Web master, expressly not as such, but only by releasing understand themselves, which shows up by release the network. It concerns with Erloeser.org “only” theories and theses, whereby everyone can go through here, which wants to contribute ideas, which fulfill to the requirement for release - thus in the sense of the civilization schematic diagram -. For this one does not have to belong to a denomination - on the contrary, since the boss is also heath.


Main part:
Religion is like a medicine, it is not meaningful to take it eternally. It should give pain and wrong lindern, and to hope, so the theory. If this theory however any longer not announced is, to hold then is it as drug for people, in order for example weak ones calm, which it in the long run however ever more weakly to make can, if no conscious humans this “sleep-similar condition” supervises, since those do not want to really change the reality due to the the other world faith (above all the Christianity) (that is to make God), and thus as factor, on which one should take at least consideration, to fail.

Thus in order to wake up from this sleep-similar condition, there is the remedy, a kind possibility for the Auferstehung of the dead (geweiht) EN, because those gave themselves up due to their the other world faith, in the this life (thus the reality) no role plays here, and thus as almost sakeless maneuvering property softly to the fall to be steered - always earned whereby thereby to it, for example the church, which became more powerful usually, if humans more badly were.

So is it wunderlich that particularly in the states, in which the Monotheismus is strong the social authority is usually weakly pronounced, is ailing to thus say the society, because one is in a permanent condition of waiting, without material somewhat improves on the contrary:

Climate, environment and diversity of species go to reason, without this the powerful ones, which were brought hofiert there by the church, in such a way intervene also only beginning way like it it do, if it concerns welfare cutses. Because are there the powerful world champions, if it concerns to take to the small and weak-end as last shirt which takes those pretty often the faith in the humanity, which drives those then (how often computes) into the arms of the church

This release network is intended to clarify that the church has to offer except contentsless promises, which its own end would mean nix, and abolished belonged. Dargelegenten things show completely clear that there is a Erlöser - if scientific & logical aspects play still another role - and this Erlöser contrary to others also which does, so well it goes in its surrounding field, so that it becomes better.

But the will for recovery must come from, and if is there, then it is not also with the motivation a problem to make the world better each day. Religion could support this only up to a certain degree, in between is exceeded this threshold value. The other side of this thing shows up now:

War, force and misery.

Since (humans as) the animals have also automatically a minimum of social behavior and consideration (should), did not have this actually not by the religion to become “used up”, due to a justified notion it became however nevertheless, and often again expenditure-levers, which brought bad “side effects out” of the “medicine” religion, which went however rarely without Provite for the religions themselves of, wins always, only humans loses, and too often also its live. But not only humans were used by wrong “use” by this “medicine”, the religion, also the Ursubstanz its.

Thus the religious communities partly present themselves as scruplesless exploiters of the Ursubstanz of the religion, and merge themselves by wrong stress and conscious ignoring of the important things a Gebräu, which has to do so nothing at all more which with the sense of the religion.

The Ursubstanz is what many intelligent humans in the course of the time gathered, around it in various way of the public kundzutun. Not only in the Bible or other books this is to be found. Also in buildings, in nature and in the sky what the coronation/culmination of the creation, which one represents can call also civilization schematic diagram, shows up humans.

This humans show here with many different also, partly unconsciously, to leave the religions partly consciously that it is time, since they have retired. Because similarly as a life raft one does not need it any longer if one has firm soil under the feet, and that is the case, since can guarantee machines and the technology for everyone a pleasant existence, without the progress demands thereby its tribute.

Is an important lie close the author to humans to make clear that many internal Kraft belongs to to place itself to the reality. This reality looks however like opinion its in such a way the fact that the time of bearing and the tolerance is from wrongly past and a time yields must, where small and large must get a basis for a life worth living guaranteed.

It cannot concern the fact that machines could achieve unpleasant work for humans, but humans this do not permit, but keeps the masses under control artificial, by wars, diseases, Prophaganda and incorrect information. With erloeser.org it shows up that everything does not have to be aligned commercially and to Provit. not even in order power goes extending it here, but by the requirement, the horizon of the reader.

For this is suitable release the network, the religion portal and the page Bible-vigorous. Which is shown, is for some phänomenal, although only little is addressed.

A critical statement:

By means of the pretext to give all a better life the Christianity and its appendix large parts of the world conquered to tremendous luxury, and was suitable on. Peoples exterminated, since they did not make anything according to opinion of the Eindringle from the country, God them gave.

But now it shows up not only today that many Christians, who had long time the requirement to do sake God destroy and vergifen those world, which concerns everyone on this planet.

Here now also the question arises, why this side exists at all. Many do not have the time to investigate the things or also not the luck to come to the realizations which only chose get can.

But it is naturally not pure Selbstlosigkeit, why this side exists. Due to the fact that machines and robots, as well as computers and the technology today already do a majority of the work, it is it only a little thing to provide for it that humans any more work do not have, in order to survive, but to work can, in order to make itself possible or other luxury.

But for this it requires kurrioser way more like an effort, since it should be obvious the fact that the rulers of this world are glad, if the masses have to do, and finds no time for other things. But this age of the slave attitude must yield finally a new age, by like in former times going out, in order to avail itself from the richly covered food offer to, with the difference the fact that one would have today for this not more chase and collecting but simply only with its map the appropriate goods at the automat orders must.

And all this without suppression and threat.

But which has with release to do? Very much. A problem is the fact that many have fear would possibly use to divide their luxury since they do not know, what the others thereby will employ, and it against it it. Therefore distrust and fight prevail, but which is used is, a co-ordination form, both the property, as well as the rights of the others consider.

But alone over to this point to come, there are insurmountable abysses, which however by an age-old bridge to be overcome to be able. Those find it here.

Mfg the author, boss and Web master of erloeser.org

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Mfg Alexander Kloos

Update: 2007-07-18 in Heidelberg by Web author Alexander Kloos






Insofern wünsche ich Ihnen, dass Sie die kommenden Inhalte gut verstehen werden, und sich die Zeit für Sie gelohnt hat, bei Erloeser.org vorbeigeschaut zu haben. Es sei allerdings angemerkt, dass Sie erst dann eine Ahnung von dem um was es geht haben werden, wenn Sie sich mit allem hier gezeigten beschäftigt haben. Das wichtigste jedoch ist auf Zivilisationsaufbau.de zu finden.
Das Thema Erlösung ist seit je her aktuell und wichtig, weil viele Probleme einfach nur unnötig sind, würde man dem Erlöser das billigen, was seine Berufung ist. Die Legitimation hierfür ist einzigrtig, und wird von verschiedenen Aspekten beleuchtet, damit der Leser die Chance hat, auf verschiedene Art und Weise erleuchtet zu werden. Hier also weitere Themen des Erloesungs Network, die auf folgenden Seiten zu finden sind:





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 Übrigens ist Erloeser.org eine beliebte Seite im Internet, efahren Sie mehr!

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